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“JOHNNY MAC”: Based on true events in the life of an old friend, the plot of this novel takes us through the trials and tribulations of a Midwestern young man from the ages of ten to seventeen.  His story begins when his alcoholic mother drops Johnny and his brother at a Catholic orphanage shortly after their father abandons the family.  Armed with the name of a relative Johnny leaves the orphanage and hitchhikes west working odd jobs and staying at missions.  After many years on the road, Johnny arrives in California, and with the help of his aunt, puts together the shocking pieces of his family’s puzzle. To purchase click on the book title.

Johnny Mac was published in 2005 by Author house (formerly 1stbooks.com.) and found on Amazon.com and locally at Epilog Books.

“A COMING TO TERMS” : Although the novel is fictitious, the bizarre stories and unique events that took place while my grandparents raised nine children,  inspired me to write the story of my family’s early history.  The plot begins with an accidental scalding to death of Mark, a two-year-old twin of Mathew.  Their sister Ruth makes a shocking discovery about her fiancé, and on her wedding day, terminates the ceremony, and turns away the guests. A daughter Annie develops frightening paranormal powers, which she feels, are  spinning out of control.  These stories and others culminate to make fascinating reading.

This novel published by iUniverse Publisher Inc. in 2004, received its Editor’s Choice Award for that year. It can be found on www.iuniverse.com, Amazon.com or click the title to buy.  All of John's books may be purchased in Quincy, CA at Epilog Books.


“RUDE AWAKENINGS” : The plot  in this novel evolves around  Jake Knowland  returning to the mid-west, for the funeral of his  friend, Cage Grendohl, meeting his wife, Polly and their fourteen-year-old boy Jeff.  Jeff wishes to see where his father Cage, and   Jake, played as children, and so Jake takes him to the family farm.  Through  conversations they have,  the differences between the childhood of Jake and Cage, and that of Jeff,  reflects how in the forties and fifties,  social forces were hidden from children; forces like drug addiction, sexual abuse, and alcoholism, which presently  are accepted as  routine, and  openly publicized on nightly T.V. news. Upon returning from their trip, Polly reads two notes from her dead husband.  One is to Jake, thanking his friend for their close friendship, and a request that he look after his wife and child.  The second letter is to Polly asking forgiveness for unfinished business, unfinished business, which will be a rude awakening to Jeff. Rude Awakenings is available at InfinityPress.com and at Epilog Books located at 373 Main St. in Quincy CA 95971


"Scenes from Childhood": THE FOLLOWING NARRATIVES are incidents taken from my grade school years. These are not the typical childhood remembrances of picnics in the park or running through fields of flowers. No, these scenes depict the specific times when adults, through their acts, words or deeds, with regards to situations of violence, sexual perversions, prejudice, or other abuses, did jolt me from my childlike innocents and naivety, into the adult world of reality.

These remembrances are written around two major characters: Jake, that’s me, and my best friend, Charlie. From our fifth birthdays, till Charlie’s demise, we were more like twin brothers rather than buddies, who in school, in play and in times of strain and strife, stuck together.

The narratives are written in the first person, with the character, Jake, being the narrator. Written as an eight- to ten-year-old child growing up in the 1940’s, each narrative is followed by one or several epilogues, which give a conclusion, or a final closure to the narratives.

These narratives have been written to exemplify the difference between growing up in the 40’s and what children in today’s world face. In the 1940’s, abuse towards children in all forms was hidden, considered a “family affair,” with no laws to turn to for justice. With the advances of communication, entertainment, and TV, children today are far more knowledgeable and aware of the abusive ways of some adults, and are also made aware of the laws that protect them from such adult activities.

Thus, unlike my 1940’s childhood, in today’s world, acts of sexual perversion, bodily or mental violence and other abuses are not only openly communicated, but easily accepted by today’s juvenile generation as common, everyday occurrences, thus robbing them at an early age of the naivety and innocence I was afforded in my growing years.

The book is on sale at the Epilogue Book Store, Quincy CA. 95971

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Between 1984 and the death of my wife in 1989, we ran a home for wayward girls called “Environmental Alternatives”  The plot of the play evolves around the  individual problems these girls faced, and how their presence in our home affected our family, and how our family influenced them.  Prototypes of four of the girls, counselors and family members make up the characters in the play.


"A B U S E" (Six character play with one set):

This play involves the desperate act of the main character John, who  instructs Noel , his friend, to request  a priest for him.  He wants his last confession heard because; he intends to commit suicide at the end of the day. Noel arrives at his house and with various arguments, challenges, and conversations, tries to change his mind.  Other relatives and friends enter with their own agendas and thoughts, on just how serious John is, with regards to killing himself.  The actions and dialogue range from comedic, to sad and serious, as dialogue dealing with mental and physical abuse, between married couples, their children, and acquaintances unfolds. THE CONTENT OF THIS PLAY IS GEARED TOWARD A MATURE AUDIENCE. Inquires are to write jkprobst65@yahoo.com, or write JKProbst PO Box 1052 Quincy, CA 95971



A text book designed to introduce students of  keyboard instruments and musical theory in the following areas of study:

  1. Organization and interrelationships of major, minor, parallel, enharmonic, and chromatic scales.

  2. Study of intervals, and triads,major,minor, diminished, and augmented, and their relationships to major and minor scales.

  3. The study of modulation through traditional key relationships and learning to transpose compositions at sight.

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